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3-Bulb Black Garlic (100g)

3-Bulb Black Garlic (100g)

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Description: The original pack consist of 3 bulbs of Korean whole Black Garlic (100g)

Black garlic is garlic in its best form! Each bulb is carefully selected and vacuum sealed. 100% natural with no other ingredients added. Rich in antioxidants with superb health benefits! Hasutomi's black garlic has a unique umami taste, some have likened it to figs and prunes, a natural sweet and savoury taste even young children would love. Ideal as a gift or for personal consumption.


★ Nutritious top grade garlic grown in the optimal warm sea breeze climate and high mineral soils of Namhae Island (Treasure Island)
★ Only the biggest and highest quality whole bulbs (min. 5cm in size) are selected, no small and flawed cloves
★ Aged for FULL 60 days in special red clay fermentation process that gives our black garlic its unparalleled unique taste and bouncy texture
★ 100% natural with no preservatives, chemical additives, sugar or colouring agent added
★ Patented process to eliminate the garlic roots as the roots are prone to fungal and bacterial growth
★ Strict hygiene management and production processes to ensure safety of product. ISO9001 certified

- Good source of fibre, iron, vitamin C, calcium, and rich in amino acids which are beneficial to the human body
- Higher amounts of antioxidants and biological activity help reduce inflammation
- Potent antimicrobial properties, strengthen immunity and fight infections
- Balance blood sugar levels, reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides, relieves hypertension
- Prevent premature aging, build physical strength and stamina, boost heart health and alleviate hardening of arteries - Improves brain health and maintain good memory

Delicious on its own.
May be consumed directly in the morning and/or evening on an empty stomach for good blood circulation. If you have a weak stomach, take it together with or after a meal. Add it to your favourite recipes for a different flavour.

Recommended 3-5 cloves daily for health maintenance. Store at a cool dry place or keep refrigerated.

MADE IN KOREA. Ready stock and distributed by Hasutomi in Singapore.